Business Information Overload

We live in an interconnected world. No activity can be carried out in isolation and certainly no business can be performed effectively and successfully without interaction and the consequent sharing of information. Information is …

Malta Property Market

The property market in Malta underpins the tourism industry, the retail sector and important segments of the financial services industry. The home ownership …

The Company Life Cycle

  I believe it is mainly a question of culture. Company longevity requires thinking beyond short term profit. It requires not having profit as your main driver. The western business model aims for short to medium term gain. The trap here is that the number of years considered as making up a short term or […]

Residence & Citizenship

The rise of the middle-class population worldwide underpins the increase in high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) worldwide. Residence…

Family Company Transition

This week’s edition to my “How to…” series of articles where I share some tips with SME entrepreneurs, focuses on family business transition. It is interesting to note that, notwithstanding family businesses are so important to a country’s economy and as custodians of values, less than …

The Question of Economic Substance

The generic rationale for establishing a company or branch in another country would be that the business needs to conduct economic activity in that other country and hence the presence. Proving ‘economic substance’ or, in other words, that economic activity is actually taking place, should not therefore be problematic. We should note that it is […]

Running a Family Business

This week’s edition to my “How to…” series of articles focuses on family owned and run businesses. A report by EY from 2014 shows that 85% of all companies in Europe are family owned. These companies combined generate 70% of Europe’s GDP and employ 60% of Europe’s workforce – a staggering …

Compliance Over-Regulation

  No discussion on corporate or tax matters is complete without delving into the impact that compliance is having on professional work. I will start the discussion by going through the various types of compliance that the average professional or firm working in the financial services industry has to contend with. I will just highlight […]