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TAG Alliances Annual Review 2022 2022 Annual Review: An EPIC Journey


DM Europe is the Malta sccountants member for TAG Alliances.

An EPIC Journey, the theme of our 2022 Annual Review, not only denotes a particularly impressive and remarkable adventure this past year, but EPIC is also an acronym for Every Person is Connected, as we learned at the EPIC Immigration Museum at our Fall International Conference in Ireland. The theme accurately reflects the past year and the bringing together of the outstanding global community of professionals that makes up TAG Alliances.  

Last year was a year of EPIC growth for TAG Alliances, with over fifteen new members joining us from various jurisdictions around the globe. The aggregate annual revenue of our members increased to just shy of $5 billion, positioning TAG Alliances as the third largest multidisciplinary alliance globally for the 11th straight year by Accountancy Age. We also achieved “Elite” status with Chambers & Partners, one of the most reputable legal ranking agencies worldwide, for the 9th year. It is a testament to our members that we weathered the pandemic storms and continue to grow as an organization.  


Despite talks of a global recession, TAG Alliances has thrived and delivered exceptional results to members and their clients. The past year was filled with excitement, growth, and new opportunities that have allowed us to deepen our relationships with members, strategic partners, and Friends of TAG.


Following two years of virtual events, in 2022 we were fortunate to host two excellent and well-attended in-person International Conferences in Vancouver, Canada, and Dublin, Ireland. We also convened Regional Meetings, both in-person and virtual, around the globe. 


Our International Conferences highlighted key themes and topics that currently impact the professional services industry, provided a platform for discussion, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, and helped further strengthen the extraordinary TAG Alliances community. With an unwavering focus on innovation, best practices, and business development, TAG Alliances has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence, is proud to be a trusted partner for our members and continues to be a powerhouse in the professional services industry.


Our in-person Regional Meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah (Western Regional), Copenhagen, Denmark (European), and Halifax, Canada (Atlantic & Eastern US), and virtual meetings for Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe, provided members with opportunities for local and regional discussions. These meetings covered a wide range of topics, such as the latest trends and technologies, limits on free speech, ESG and sustainability, best practices, and regional success stories. The feedback and insights gained from our Regional Meetings and International Conferences help to shape our priorities and plans for the coming year.


This past year has been EPIC, filled with new challenges, opportunities, and successes. We are proud of what we have accomplished and grateful to everyone who has been part of our journey. As we look ahead to the future, we are confident that the coming year will be just as exciting, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for TAG Alliances and its exceptional members.

Source: Malta Institute of Taxation Click here, CFE Tax Advisors Europe Click Here


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