Global Alliance

The TIAG Advantage – Global Alliance, rapid access & response…

Success starts with commitment. As experienced accounting advisors committed to helping you grow your business, we decided to join a young and rapidly expanding professional global alliance that currently includes 115+ independent accounting firms in more than 60 countries around the world.

TIAG ® – The International Accounting Group extends our operational capabilities across a broad range of business sectors and geographical areas.

TIAG’s unique advantage is its affiliation with TAGLaw, a professional network of highly respected independent law firms managed by the same team that manages TIAG. TAGLaw is one of the largest legal networks in the world. Its members are highly-respected, value-driven firms with local market knowledge and expertise. Founded in 1998, TAGLaw includes more than 130 law firms in 250+ offices in 77 countries.

With the TIAG Advantage, we have:

  • Quick Access to Accounting and Legal Services Around the World
  • Worldwide Analysis, Taxation and Reporting Compliance Data
  • Business Expansion, M & A, Sale, Collaboration and Support
  • Import/Export Compliance and Guidance
  • Sourcing and Fulfilment Options

Through TIAG and TAGLaw we have immediate access to accounting and legal professionals of the highest calibre — anywhere in the world — any time.