Yacht Registration

The historical development, geographic location, distinctive yachting services and facilities, legislative and regulated platform have contributed to place Malta as one of the largest reputable international ship register in the world.

Why Malta?

  • Stable government and economy
  • Efficient and high quality service 24/7
  • English is an officially recognised language and spoken by the whole population
  • Amongst the lowest authority fees
  • One of the largest reputable ship register in the world
  • One stop shop maritime services and facilities
  • Yachts may be registered while under construction

Who can register a yacht in Malta?

A natural person or body corporate irrespective of nationality provided that:

  • it has legal capacity to own/operate the yacht in terms of law;
  • non-EU nationals and entities appoint a local resident agent to represent the owner in Malta;
  • it complies with applicable regulations/guidelines.


The registration of a vessel under the Malta flag is a straightforward and cost-effective procedure. The Yacht registration procedure is split as follows:

  • Provisional Registration for six months extendible for a further period not exceeding in the aggregate six months;
  • Permanent Registration on the fulfilment of all requirements and issuance of a permanent certificate of registration.


A yacht may be registered on one of the following basis:

1) Private Registration

  • any pleasure yacht of 6 metres in length or more;
  • not used for chartering purposes;
  • used for the sole purpose of the owner.

2) Commercial Registration

  • 15 metres in length or more;
  • weigh not more than 3,000 gross tonnes;
  • does not carry cargo;
  • does not carry more than 12 passengers.

What we offer

  • Resident Agent Services;
  • Private and Commercial Yacht Registration;
  • Deletion from the Registry;
  • Transfer of Title;
  • Ordering of Certificates and transcripts;
  • Berthing arrangements and co-ordination with local authorities;
  • Customs Clearance;
  • Security Personnel;
  • Repairs and Maintenance;
  • Other port services such as refuelling and supplies.

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