Wealth Management

Corporate Solutions

DM Europe’s core business is the provision of corporate solutions for international business clients. One part of the service is to assist clients to set up appropriate vehicles to conduct their business activity. The other, equally important aspect of the process, is to define the ownership structure. This requires an understanding of the regulations in the client’s country of residence which could only be achieved by the client involving his local advisors in the process.

Corporate Vehicle

Wealth Management is popularly associated with portfolio management. Our service is not associated with this latter sector of financial services but rather with the legal entities used to house the wealth and the tax and regulatory implications surrounding these legal entities such as partnerships, companies, trusts or foundations. The choice of legal entity and its attributes and limitations, the country where it is registered and the tax rules related to it are all extremely important elements in the selection of the wealth management vehicle to be used. These matters can be as critical as the performance and returns derived from the investments themselves.

Risk Management

Wealth faces many threats apart from the risk related to the legal entity used to incorporate the wealth. There is the country risk, the currency risk, the bank risk apart from the risk related to the actual investment. These risks are intertwined and overlapping. We assist clients to find their way through the maze that this uncertainty creates in an increasingly complex global economy.

Economic Safe Haven

We are aware of the critical need to place wealth in a Safe Haven. We understand what a safe haven is because we understand the perils. We understand the need for privacy, confidentiality and tax compliance. We also understand that wealth is created by hard work and business risk.

Trust & Succession

We understand the trust that needs to be extended to professionals by the owners of the wealth and are respectful of it. We also understand that wealth is precious and that the ability to pass it on to the next generation safely is even more precious.