Malta Residence and Visa Programme Regulations

The Malta Residence and Visa Programme applies to individuals, their family and dependents who wish to take up residence in Malta.

The applicant must be a 3rd country national i.e. non EEA and non Swiss national

Ascendants and descendants in the direct line and spouses are considered dependents.

General conditions

  • applicant and dependents should be in possession of sickness insurance;
  • applicant should be in receipt of stable and regular resources which are sufficient to maintain himself and the dependents;
  • applicant and dependents should hold valid travel documents;
  • applicant should have minimum income of €100,000 annually or a capital of €500,000;
  • payment of a €30,000 contribution. This includes a €5,500 administration fee;
  • a non refundable €5,000 contribution per parent or grandparent of the main applicant or of the spouse at application stage;
  • applicant needs to make a qualifying investment of €250,000;
  • there is no age limit for children of the main applicant and/or the spouse;
  • eligibility for long term residence status subject to certain conditions;
  • children of the main applicant and/or the spouse retain residency rights as long they are not economically active and/or married at application stage.


Applicant and dependents should not benefit from one of the other Residence Programmes available in Malta.


The applicant

  • is required to purchase a property for a value of not less than €320,000 in Malta or €270,000 in Gozo & the South region; or
  • to rent a property for an annual rent of not less than €12,000 in Malta or €10,000 in Gozo & the South region.

Termination provisions

The applicant would lose his status under this programme if:

  • he becomes a national of Malta, other EEA country or Switzerland;
  • he does not fulfil any commitment contemplated in the regulations;
  • he does not comply with any of the conditions of this Programme;
  • he is no longer eligible under this programme;
  • his stay is not in the public interest;
  • he stays legally and continuously in Malta for a period of 4 years or more


  • should the applicant be tax resident in Malta by virtue of the length of his presence on the island he would be taxed in Malta as a resident non domiciled person at a final flat rate of 15% on foreign source income remitted to Malta;
  • the applicant would not be taxed in Malta on foreign source income not remitted to Malta;
  • the applicant would be taxed in Malta at progressive resident rates up to a maximum of 35% on Malta source income.

The applicant must be represented by an approved agent. DM Europe is an accredited agent and fully licensed to submit applications under this programme.

Main Applicant may opt to apply against a non-refundable supplementary administration fee of € 5,000 per person, to include the following on the Main Beneficiary certificate (subject to a successful due diligence check) :

  • the spouse of a previously approved dependant child of the Main Applicant and/or the spouse;
  • the child, born or adopted after the approval date, of a previously approved dependant child of the main applicant and/or the spouse, or of the previously approved dependant child’s spouse.

The above is only intended to highlight the main features of the programme and more detailed rules apply. Please contact David Marinelli directly or contact us for further information or assistance.

Note: Where masculine terms are used both genders are intended.

Page content updated on 6th July 2017.