Investment Services & Insurance

The Investment Services and Insurance Expatriates programme relates to persons who are employees of, or provides services to, an investment services company or an insurance company in Malta.

The applicant can be a national of any country.

Employment conditions

The applicant

  • should be employed by an investment services company recognised or licensed by MFSA;
  • should be employed by an insurance company authorised under the Insurance Business Act or the Insurance Intermediaries Act;


The applicant

  • is not ordinarily resident and not domiciled in Malta or
  • was not resident in Malta for at least the 3 preceding years and
  • was engaged on a full time basis outside Malta in a similar position during the said 3 years.

Term of benefit

The term of the benefit is 10 years.


The expatriate and his family will be tax exempt on the following costs relating to himself or his family.

  • Removal relocation costs
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Travel costs
  • Provision of car
  • A subvention of €600 per month
  • Medical expenses
  • School fees

The expatriate shall also be exempt from tax on the receipt of interest, discounts, premiums or royalties.
The expatriate’s Malta Source chargeable income (net of exemptions) shall be taxed at progressive rates up to a maximum rate of 35%

The above is only intended to highlight the main features of the programme and more detailed rules apply.
Please contact David Marinelli directly or contact us for further information or assistance.