Global Residence Programme

The Malta Global Residence Programme applies to individuals, their family and dependents who wish to take up residence in Malta. Applications under this programme can only be processed by an Authorised Mandatory. DM Europe is an Authorised Mandatory.

The applicant must be a non EEA national (EU, Iceland, Norway & Liechtenstein) or a non Swiss national.

The spouse, children, ascendents in the direct line, brothers, sisters and direct relatives are considered to be dependents.

General conditions

The applicant

  • should be in possession of sickness insurance for himself and his family;
  • should be in receipt of stable and regular resources which are sufficient to maintain himself and the members of his family;
  • should be in possession of a valid travel document;
  • should meet the fit and proper person criteria;
  • should adequately communicate in English or Maltese;
  • is required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of €5,500-€6,000.


The applicant

  • should not be a Malta national;
  • should not benefit under any other tax scheme or programme. Benefit under the latter schemes and programmes may be renounced.

This special tax status is not a permit for immigration purposes.


The applicant

  • is required to purchase a property for a value of not less than €275,000 in Malta and €250,000 or €220,000 in Gozo or the South region respectively; or
  • to rent a property for an annual rent of not less than €9,600 in Malta or €8,750 in Gozo & the South region;
  • should acquire property within 12 months.
  • should not let or sub-let the property; and
  • should occupy the property as his primary residence.

No person, other than the applicant, his dependents or house staff may live in the property.

Termination provisions

The applicant would loose his status under this programme if he resides for more than 183 days in any other country.


The applicant

  • would be taxed in Malta at a final flat rate of 15% on foreign source income remitted to Malta to himself, his spouse and children;
  • would not be taxed in Malta on foreign source income not remitted to Malta;
  • may avail himself of Malta double taxation treaty relief;
  • would be taxed in Malta at a flat rate of 35% on Malta source income;
  • is required to pay a minimum tax of €15,000 annually on foreign source income remitted to Malta.

The above is only intended to highlight the main features of the programme and more detailed rules apply.
Please contact David Marinelli directly or contact us for further information or assistance.

Note: Where masculine terms are used both genders are intended.