Malta Startup

Local Knowledge

Expanding business internationally is one way to increase turnover and take advantage of opportunities world-wide. It can however be an expensive and risky enterprise. It requires local knowledge and contacts – knowledge relating to the local market and regulations and the right contacts to identify business partners, suppliers and clients. Paramount is the need to be cost conscious and to retain the flexibility to make quick changes to the business strategy and model. We are well networked in Malta and and internationally and are in a position to provide specialised assistance for a Malta Startup.

Recruitment & Premises

We support our clients’ Malta startup in the pre-operations stage until they are able to set up their own office, staff complement and organisation. We assist our clients with finding the right premises and location for their business. We provide staff recruitment services and relocation services for the promoters and staff members. We hand-hold our clients until they successfully launch their business.

Professional Support

When an entrepreneur decides to set up a business operation in another country, one of the first challenges is deciding what type of corporate structure is the most appropriate and how best to own his or her company. We advise clients to take legal and tax advice in their country of residence and we would then coordinate our efforts with the client’s advisors. We go to great lengths to ensure that clients can focus on their business in the comfort that any compliance and regulatory concerns are being adequately addressed in all relevant countries.

We also introduce clients to local banks and assist them in their banking relationship, especially with the banks’ initial and ongoing compliance requirements and queries. Clients often request us to assist them with their business plan and financial projections. Our support team is also available to advise clients on regulatory, company secretarial and contractual matters.

Clients involved in international trade will benefit from our expertise in cross-border transactions and Value Added Tax. Advice and assistance is also offered on EU compliant invoicing procedures for trans-national business transactions.