Added Value in Risk Management

We formed a strategic alliance with Laferla Insurance Agency in order to ensure the highest levels of service in respect of clients’ insurance requirements. The synergies present in the two firms ensure that clients’ needs are well understood and the wealth of professional experience within their respective organisations guarantees that optimal solutions will be provided.  It is important that entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and corporations choose the right insurance provider to help secure the optimal protection for their health, their businesses and niche interests. Assets such as yachts, aircraft, personnel, property and equipment each have specific risk profiles that must be managed. Several factors come in to play including the use, type, location and value of the asset in question.

Health – Residence in Malta

Laferla Insurance Agency has developed a global health policy for persons seeking residence in Malta and their families. This is the DM Europe Malta Residence policy and is part of the Laferla Health Plans. The policy has been vetted and approved by Identity Malta as satisfying the Malta Residence requirements. The scheme has worldwide coverage. Coverage excludes the USA & Canada. The cover includes in-patient and day-case treatment as well as out-patient treatment and a number of other very useful benefits. Full cover for USA and Canada can also be provided as an additional option. The Laferla HealthPlans are administered by Laferla Insurance Agency Ltd. and backed by Middlesea, a member of the international MAPFRE group.

Yachts & Aircraft

One example would be a high-value yacht berthed in the Mediterranean, used for ad-hoc charter whilst not being utilised by its owners. In the latter case coverage must be specific as well as comprehensive in respect of the liabilities covered and territorial scope of the cover, just to mention two points. Similarly, assets such as private aircraft come with their own niche insurance requirements such as appropriate hull cover, mechanical extensions, crew (physical and licensing protection) and geographical area of operation.

Property & Corporate

Property and equipment insurance also has its own specific characteristics, with some properties having works of art and other contents which may need tailor made coverage. All these considerations make insurance a complex business.  The right insurance provider can however assist you to handle risk effectively and at reasonable cost. Corporate and industrial risks also have their own particular profiles and priorities. The insurance provider should fully understand the nature of the business being insured in order to provide cover that is both relevant and effective. Tailored coverage options are normally the best solution for corporate risks, whether operating in a financial services environment or in the heavy industries sector – each has its own distinctive risk profile which needs the right insurance protection.

Laferla Insurance Agency

Laferla Insurance Agency Limited is known for their bespoke coverage options and superior service within the market. The company was founded back in 1984 by Mr. Mark Laferla and has been underwriting risks and settling claims ever since, meanwhile establishing itself as a household name with an excellent reputation for prompt and fair claims settlements.  It is well known for its 7 day claim settlement promise on a number of its policies as well as for the professional service provided to its clients. Laferla insurance specialises in a number of insurance classes and in the underwriting of various risks.

Laferla Insurance Agency Limited is licensed to act as an insurance agent for MSI p.l.c. and both companies are authorised to transact insurance business by the Malta Financial Services Authority under the Insurance Business Act, 1998