DM Properties

DM Properties was launched in 2014 with the distinct objective to offer our clients a one-stop-service for their relocation to Malta.

DM Properties is an extension of DM Europe, renowned for its range of professional and advisory services. We provide an exclusive service to companies, families and individuals making the move to Malta.

Through our extensive real estate and rental database, we are able to source the right home, office or commercial property for your needs. In addition, we offer relocation services to cover everything from seeking work permits, obtaining residency in Malta, registering your private jet, sourcing transport services or securing a berth for your yacht.

Based just outside the capital, Valletta, we at DM Properties have crafted a comprehensive range of services that combines years of experience with the desire to ensure you get the best service possible. Whatever your reasons for moving to Malta, we look forward to meeting with you and to helping you make that move as effortless as possible.

Whatever your reason for relocating to Malta, be it for economic benefits, setting up a company, enjoying the sun or living the Mediterranean lifestyle, DM Europe will take pride in assisting you according to your specific needs. The service is not limited to visas and applications, but right down to helping you find a home, organising the logistics of moving, choosing schools and, all the while, keeping things smooth and simple.

Please feel free to contact us here.