AOC & Aircraft Registration

With almost 200 aircraft on the Maltese aircraft register, Malta is one of the fastest growing European Union aircraft register for business aviation aircraft. An island nation in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta offers aircraft owners efficient and cost effective onshore aircraft registration. A 24/7, 365 day a year responsive Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate ensures continued support. A signatory to the Cape Town convention, Malta’s aircraft register protects the interests of the owners, operators and financiers alike.

Why Malta?

  • Stable government and economy
  • Signatory to the Cape Town Convention
  • Efficient and high quality service 24/7
  • English is an officially recognised language and spoken by the whole population
  • Amongst the lowest authority fees
  • Special VAT rates for private aircraft registration

Who can register an aircraft in Malta?

A natural person who is a citizen of, or an undertaking established in, a member country of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and any other country approved by the Minister by notice for the purposes of the Act (termed “International Registrant” in the Act), provided it:

  • has legal capacity to own/operate an aircraft in terms of law;
  • appoints a local resident agent to represent the owner in Malta for matters concerning the registration of the aircraft;
  • complies with applicable regulations/guidelines.

Where to start?

Together with our aviation specialists with a long established reputation for providing consultancy services related to registering aircraft in Malta, we can assist you from pre-registration inspection to document inspection and delivery, all the way through the application process and acting as your local agent.


The Commercial Advantage

  • Operating a business jet on an AOC, will allow the operator to sell aircraft charter to third parties legally.
  • Operating a business jet on an AOC, will allow an operator to purchase fuel tax free, while a private operator will have to pay tax on fuel uplift.
  • When operating commercially, an operator will get a VAT number and thus be able to claim VAT back paid on operating expenses.

The Maltese Advantage

  • A Maltese AOC is an internationally recognised AOC (EU OPS) of the highest standard in the industry.
  • Malta is an EU member and as such a Maltese registered aircraft has freedom of movement within the EU countries, both on international and internal flights.
  • The business and legal language in Malta is English, a recognised international aviation language.
  • The Maltese register and Civil Aviation Directorate, ensure efficiency and a quick reaction time to all aircraft registration and AOC applications. On average a well prepared and supported AOC application will lead to AOC in approximately 5 to 6 months.
  • Initial and recurrent fees associated with operating a business jet in Malta are amongst the cheapest in Europe. Similarly, office and employment costs in Malta are also cheaper than mainland Europe.

What we offer

  • Aviation Consultancy & Management;
  • Aviation Legal & Fiscal Consultancy;
  • Air Operator Certificate (AOC) Project Management;
  • Aircraft Assessment & Aircraft Registration;
  • Operations Manuals, Expositions & Documentation;
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS);
  • Quality / Compliance Management and Auditing;
  • Aviation & Crew Training;
  • Training Management;
  • Aviation Office & Reception Services;
  • Aviation Recruitment Services.

Interested in a Maltese EASA AOC? Get in touch with us.